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ICONTAINERS is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality container solutions for a variety of uses. We offer construction site, office, staff, storage, sanitary, commercial, residential, modular and custom containers tailored to the customers’ needs. We can provide containers in any combination.

Containers offered by ICONTAINERS are made of the best quality certified materials to ensure solid and durable design. The containers comply with all the legal standards as well as demonstrate high quality of manufacture and aesthetics design. Additionally, they are well insulated and protected against adverse weather conditions.

We have extensive experience in consulting and project implementation. We encourage our customers to participate in the container design process to allow them to decide on: arrangement of walls, doors, windows, electrical connections, air-conditioning systems, heaters, ventilation as well as kitchen and sanitary facilities. We tailor offers to our customers’ individual needs. We will make every effort to meet your expectations and ensure the best turnaround time for your project.

The multifunctionality of our containers ensures a very competitive and cheaper alternative to traditional stationary facilities.

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About us
About us
About us
About us
About us

Why is it worth it?

ICONTAINERS guarantees professionalism, reliability and partnership approach to customers, which is our priority. We make sure that our solutions are the best in terms of quality and cost efficiency. Our containers are widely recognized throughout Europe. The satisfaction of our customers is our best recommendation.

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Reliable product, Polish manufacturer

Short lead times and waiting for the order

Possibility to negotiate prices from our offer

The product is certified according to EU directives

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The containers we manufacture are an excellent alternative